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One of the easiest ways to prevent the decline of your oral health is to maintain a regular schedule of having your teeth cleaned by our dental hygienistAn examination always comes first because your teeth need to be free from decay and caries in order to receive cleaning. The dental hygienist will evaluate your oral health and hygiene, and if you have any decay or disease. This will be done by visual inspection, percussion, palpation, and sensitivity tests. If you need tooth restoration or replacement, the necessary treatment will have to come before the cleaning in order to prevent further weakening.

Once everything has been deemed healthy, the cleaning process can begin. This includes:

tooth icon the scaling of the area above and below the gum line to remove plaque deposits

tooth icon the removal of stains caused by food, coffee, wine, cigarettes, etc.

Following your cleaning, the hygienist will give you a personalized rundown of your dental health and suggestions on how to continue good habits at home.

The accumulation of plaque and tartar on your teeth is a natural process. Our mouths take a beating on a regular basis because of the food we eat, so the buildup is normal. Just like barnacles on a boat, however, too much can be extremely detrimental and, therefore, must be removed.

Your body sees plaque and tartar as foreign invaders that must be eliminated, thus sending in antibodies to fight them. Regular cleaning by your dental hygienist will keep the playing field leveled and minimize the chance of an unhealthy mouth.

It is important to know that research shows a direct connection between oral health and heart disease, as well as other medical conditions. Our team can aid you in determining the treatment best suited to your specific needs.

Our professional hygienist at our King Town Dental location in Courtice, just outside Oshawa, will also provide you with instructions on personalized home care. By working together, we can prevent the advance of gum disease and ensure healthy teeth and a healthy smile in the years ahead.

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