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Sports dentistry is the treatment and prevention of athletic injuries to the mouth, jaws, face and related oral disease and manifestations. Here in Courtice, Dr. Bedi and her team are specifically trained on the prevention of sports injuries.

A sports mouth guard is one of the most important pieces of athletic equipment. If you treasure your child’s or your own smile, a custom designed sports mouth guard is a must!

Pre-season screenings and examinations are essential in preventing injuries. Examinations include health histories, at risk dentitions, diagnosis of cavities, bite relationships, orthodontics, loose teeth, dental habits, crown and bridgework, missing teeth, artificial teeth, and the possible need for extractions for orthodontic concerns or wisdom teeth.

Determination of the need for a specific type and design of athletic mouth guard for injury prevention is made at this time.

There are three types of sports mouth guards. The most efficient and effective type of sports mouth guard is designed and custom-fit here at King Town Dental by Dr. Bedi and our Dental Associates.

National dental associations will tell you that customized mouth guards made by dentists are the best way to protect a mouth when playing a contact sport. It will precisely and comfortably fit the structure of a mouth while allowing easy air flow. The more air an athlete receives, the better he or she performs. Athletes with braces can even get custom-fit mouth guards.

The other two guards are fitted mouth guards which are pre-made and fitted to your mouth, and a ready-made sports mouth guard which is available in most sports equipment stores. Although inexpensive, these two alternatives are also the least effective! They are bulky, have short lifespans, and make it difficult for the athlete to speak and breathe.

Protect both you and your child from serious injuries— have Dr. Bedi and the team here at King Town Dental in Courtice, near Oshawa, excel in custom-designed professional sports mouth guards for you or your child.

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