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Oral cancer is known as the dentistry cancer, and the most important step in reducing the amount of deaths related to it are early discovery. The reason why it is called the dentistry cancer is because no one has a better chance of discovering oral cancer better than dentists and hygienists.

Dr. Bedi and the staff at King Town Dental are committed to performing comprehensive exams that catch the early signs of oral cancer.

Symptoms of oral cancer can include a sore on your gums, lips, tongue or cheek, white scaly patches, swelling, numbness, bleeding or pain. Additionally, if you notice any discolouration, a hardened formation of tissue, irritation, or hoarseness in your voice, alerting your dentist is vital. While the simplest little things such as ulcers, herpes, bite marks, or soreness from dental appliances or dentures might seem harmless, always point them out to your dentist. If you don’t, you risk letting lesions turn into later stages of cancer which are harder to cure. The general rule is if the lesion remains for two weeks, get an oral cancer screening. It could save your life.

You can also minimize your risk of oral cancer by avoiding exposure to sunlight, tobacco, and excessive alcohol intake. A healthy diet is key to receiving a variety of cancer-fighting nutrients.

Oral cancer exams include a methodical visual examination of all the soft tissues in the mouth. This includes manually stretching the tongue out to survey its base, conducting examinations on the floor of the mouth using fingers, testing the borders of the tongue, and also checking the lymph nodes in the maxillofacial area.

Oral Cancer is preventable and, if detected early, can be cured. Upwards of 80% of patients who are diagnosed early will survive. It takes 5 minutes to receive a comprehensive oral cancer exam that could save your life!

Speak with Dr. Bedi today if you have any concerns and come visit us at our Courtice location near Oshawa for an oral cancer screening.

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