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Root canal procedures are not something to be feared. In fact, they should be praised as a pain-relieving solution for the symptoms created by infected tooth roots. Dr. Bedi and the team at King Town Dental are dedicated to preemptively sealing decay and cracks to prevent the need for root canal therapy, but are also prepared to perform it if needed.

Root canal therapy services are needed when cracks or decay in a tooth gives access to the nerve. Over time, the nerve dies off. Since there are many bacteria in the food we eat, they easily find the dead nerve and use it as nourishment to thrive. The interior of the tooth becomes infected and your body is unable to fight it, because the dead nerve’s blood supply no longer makes its way there.

There is no reason for concern if you require a root canal. This is usually required as a result of trauma to the tooth or significant decay that involves the nerve or pulp of your tooth. The worst of the pain has already been experienced, and root canal therapy will relieve you of your pain. With the use of modern medicine, Dr. Bedi is capable of completely numbing the painful area before the operation, which thwarts any discomfort.

During an endodontic procedure, the tooth is cleaned, filled and restored to its original shape and size.  Generally, a crown is placed over the tooth to protect it from further problems.

This crown will protect your tooth for years to come, and the endodontic treatment allows your tooth to survive.

As with all treatment provided here, Dr. Bedi will ensure your complete comfort and understanding. A root canal is nothing to be worried about, it is however extremely important in the saving of your tooth!

Generally, if you are experiencing pain in a tooth, the problem will need to be fixed with endodontics. It is not something that goes away on its own, and the longer you wait, the more pain you will experience. Call us today and book an appointment at our Courtice location near Oshawa.

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